a reliable guide for cooks


Enter, Cook’s Illustrated.

This magazine is a staple for cooks.

This baby provides recipes, product/food recommendations and cooking techniques. The recipes in the magazines have been tested over and over in their test kitchen facility: America’s Test Kitchen.

 My favorite part about this magazine, is that it really IS all about food. There are zero product advertisements or blurbs about products you should buy.

The magazine shows you clear, detailed, step-by-step cooking instructions. Now that I write more about it, I’d call it a cooking manual more than a magazine.

 The NY Times reviewed it as:

If you are interested in recreating a Tuscan-style Passover feast or wonder what David Chang, the Momofuku Ko chef, thinks about contemporary art, Cook’s Illustrated may not be for you. You won’t find wine columns and lavish photography, travelogues about the street markets of Morocco or plugs for heritage microgreens and porcini-infused balsamics.

Click here for the full NY Times article.

1 year, of 6 issues is around $24.00. Individually, they are $6.95. You might as well get a subscription!

You can go to Amazon.com, here, to subscribe to this fantastic cooking manual; you will be creating simple, yummy tasting food in no time!


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