veal stock

I have always been pretty intimidated with classic french recipes like, boeuf bourguignon. I’ve NEVER had the patience to make my own stock.

1.) It leaves the house smelly for days. 2.) It takes many hours to simmer the bones.

Until I found this amazing, little thing called, fond de veau. (pronounced as: fahn-duh-voo).20141029_211023_HDR~2Fond (pronounced as, “fahn”) is the french term for stock. What makes this stock so special? This thing is made from veal. Not beef. Veal. Say it again with me, veal. Just to make sure it sticks, one more time… veal.

Since I have used this, I have noticed a HUGE difference in the depth and flavor of my dishes. Veal stock, instead of beef stock, gives dishes a velvety meat flavor you can’t get with beef. One little container of this stuff gives dishes body, richness and a concentrated flavor of meat. It’ll make your food taste like you slaved away at it for hours.

You can use this stuff for gravies, sauces, or add it to a pot roast you’ve got simmering in the crock-pot. No more canned beef broth, okay?

You can buy it here.


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