seattle restaurant week


A guide to Seattle Restaurant Week:  I hope this guide is helpful in giving you more information about this exciting event.

Every year, twice a year, The Seattle Times and Alaska Airlines sponsor a food event called, “Seattle Restaurant Week.”

For 8 days in the months of October and April, restaurants from around the Seattle area participate in Seattle Restaurant Week. The restaurants who participate, provide a lunch and dinner prix fixe menu.

Lunch is typically  2 courses for $15.00 per person. This includes an entrée and a dessert. (Does not include tax, gratuity and drinks).

Dinner is typically 3 courses for $30.00 per person. This includes an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert.

The prix fixe menu for dinner usually has a selection of three appetizers, entrées and desserts to choose from.

The menus are not available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday brunch.

The fun way to do SRW:  Gather a few of your friends who like to eat. Look at the list of restaurants participating in SRW by going here.

It’s more fun to do different types of restaurants. My friends and I pick our restaurants based on the following rule: it has to be a restaurant that none of us have ever been to before.

Browse the menus and don’t forget to make a reservation!


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