french butter and why it’s so much better than ours


I once heard someone say, you can make anything taste better with the 3, “b’s”: butter, bacon and beer. I think this statement might be quite true.

My husband and I had a wonderful breakfast at the Hôtel Ibis in Versailles, France. It was here where I developed my love for French butter. I had spread the golden cream on a warm baguette and became a butter snob.

When I returned from my trip, I tried different types of butter from the grocery store. Somehow, they didn’t taste as rich, creamy and lacked that distinct nuttiness. I thought maybe, I was a little biased and that this bias was affecting how the butter tasted.

Why is French butter so much better?

This particular butter comes from the region of Brittany. It’s also the region where fleur de sel (if salt came in a designer form, this would be it.) is harvested. Because of the famous salt ponds, Breton butter is notable for adding coarse grains of salt in their butter. The dairy cows, where the butter comes from, are fed differently and are specific to making a high butterfat content. The butter is also churned after the cream has been cultured.

I have become VERY picky about butter. My favorite ways to use this butter are in baking, spreading onto bread, or making a browned butter sauce. The salt crystals add a surprise crunch.

This Paysan Breton 250g block of butter is equivalent to a little under 2 sticks of American Butter. Is it really worth $7.25?!… every penny.


You can buy this butter at the Paris Grocery near Pike Place Market:
1418 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 682-0679


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