thanksgiving kitchen gadget round-up #1

20141104_223203_HDR~2~2What is it? It looks like a funnel, a chimney…a bird?

You guessed it! This is a pie bird!

What is a pie bird?
Have you ever baked a pie then spent time cleaning the spilled gooey filling on the bottom of your oven?

A pie bird solves this issue! It is made from glazed ceramic. It is hollow with a small opening at the top to let the steam from the pie escape. This reduces the bubbling and pie filling spillage.

How do you use it?
After placing your pie crust in your pie plate, put the pie bird in the middle of your pie crust; pour the filling over the crust and around the bird. Make sure you let the pie bird peek out on top of your pie-crust. Bake your pie as usual. Pat yourself on the back for a clean oven after baking a pie.

Where can I get one?
I bought mine from Crate and Barrel. You can also go online at their website here.

Useful links:
For more history on the pie bird, go here.
For a video demo by Martha Stewart on how to use the pie bird, go here.


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