a dining secret society

20141116_173229~2I’ll admit it. I’m a part of a secret society of foodies. I won’t tell you anymore about this secret society but I will tell you about the amazing food I ate during one of the dining events I recently went to.

The location was at a barber shop. A real life, operating barber shop. All the food was cooked on hot plates and griddles… each bite was incredible.

20141116_173130~2[1]The menu operated on a theme. The theme was, “Old Fashioned.” This involved taking old fashioned staples and breathing new life into them. We had 8 courses of small bites in a span of 4 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of others who loved discussing food.

The food was marvelous, creative and stunningly plated.

Here is what I had:

The bartender served up old fashioned and mint juleps. They were stiff drinks!


first course
iced cucumber soup
tequila salmon tartare, cilantro, dill, lime




second course
baked potato
potato waffle, bourbon pork belly, scallion, caviar, crème fraîche

20141116_182701~2third course
casesar salad
duck fat crouton, anchovy, fennel dressing, gremolata

20141116_184528~2fourth course
shrimp cocktail
brown butter poached prawn, cocktail, wasabi avocado mousse

20141116_185627~2 fifth course
mirepoix elevated
seared scallop, spiced carrot, braised onion, rutabaga yogurt, celery salad

20141116_192156~2sixth course
duck a l’orange
coriander rubbed duck breast, edamame purée, orange chili reduction

20141116_194404~2seventh course
filet mignon
wrapped in bacon, tart cherry demi glacé, parsnip purée, asparagus and arugula salad

20141116_200205~2~2eighth course
chocolate, buttermilk, fresh flowers



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