thanksgiving kitchen gadget round-up #3





















You  slaved away for hours making a pie.

How do you transport your masterpiece to Thanksgiving dinner?

Without proper cushioning, you risk the pie: getting crushed, spilling over, breaking, or getting dropped.

This wooden PieBox™ is a solid, secure and stylish way of delivering or transporting your baked goods.

the specs:
unfinished natural wood with a sliding lid.
the lid fully slides off.
made of pine and birchwood.
made in the USA!


Perfectly fits a 9 ½” pie pan with room for a pie cutter and other small accessories.

other uses:
After Thanksgiving, you can fill the PieBox™ with another pie and use it as a hostess gift or a housewarming gift!

how to clean:
Clean with a damp cloth. Do not soak.

where to buy this nifty contraption:
The main PieBox™ website here.

Photo taken from the  PieBox™ website:
Photo taken from the PieBox™ website:



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