a guide to the Seattle Cinerama

2100 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 448-6680

20141219_222647My all-time favorite movie theater is the Cinerama. Sure, there are the reclining chairs and a server during the movie at Gold Class Cinema in Redmond, the super clean Lincoln Square and a full bar at Big Picture… no matter how nice or fancy these places are, they lack THE one thing that elevates the Cinerama above the rest. Two words: chocolate popcorn.

20141219_223234The scent of this amazingness draws you in.

The Cinerama recently had a remodel. They are now offering local food and snacks. They are also offering wine, beer and cider.

Here’s how to enjoy your time at my favorite movie theater!

tickets:  All the seats are pre-assigned. The Cinerama is a one screen theater; they will only have one movie showing at once. Go to their website here. Purchase your tickets on-line. The total price for one ticket is about, $16.50. Print your ticket and bring it to the movie with you.

getting there:  If you are going during the day, every parking spot in Seattle will require you to pay. If you park in the street after 8:00 p.m., it will be free!

once you get there:  Since you’ve paid for your ticket ahead of time, go through the doors by the ticket window. Show your printed ticket to the staff member and enjoy smelling the chocolate popcorn in the lobby! You are free to check out your seats once you get there.

20141219_223609concessions:  The concessions are fairly priced. A medium popcorn (will feed about 3-4 people) costs about $6.00. You can buy: 1 medium popcorn, 1 medium chocolate popcorn and 1 large drink for about $18.00 after tax.

restrooms:  The men’s and women’s restrooms are on opposite sides of the concession stand. Since only one movie is shown at a time, you can hear the audio of the movie in the bathrooms while the movie is playing.



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