the old spaghetti factory

17100 Southcenter Pkwy #160, Southcenter Square, Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 664-6800


There are days when I’d rather have a simple spaghetti with meat sauce somewhere else than at home; where someone else has done all the work.

One of the things I like about The Old Spaghetti Factory is that they serve their entrées as a complete meal. This means that when you order an entrée, you also get: hot fresh baked sourdough bread + butter, the soup of the day or your choice of green salad + dressing and finally, vanilla or spumoni ice-cream for dessert (the spumoni is yummy!).

The prices are SUPER reasonable.

service: I have never had poor service at The Old Spaghetti Factory. The restaurant at Southcenter is spacious and I have never had to wait very long to get my food.

food/what I ate:  I enjoyed a spaghetti with meat sauce for $ 11.25. Not bad considering that price includes bread, salad and dessert!

favorite dishes here are:  The Mizithra Cheese and Browned Butter. You must try this!

parking: free!

where is the bathroom: Go up the grand staircase, on the second floor.



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