a guide to the salish lodge holiday tea

Image from the Salish Lodge website: http://www.salishlodge.com/lodge.php

If you are ever on the hunt for a relaxing activity during the busy Christmas season, look no further! It’s the Salish Lodge Holiday Tea to the rescue!

Every year, during one Saturday in the month of December, my girlfriends and I drive over to the beautiful Salish Lodge for an afternoon of tea. It gives us the time to check-in and catch up on how we’re all handling the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Here’s a guide on how to navigate holiday tea at the Salish Lodge:

The holiday tea is available every Saturday and Sunday in the month of December.

You must make a reservation. They will not seat you without a reservation.

If you can, request a seat by the window overlooking Snoqualmie Falls — it’s a breathtaking view.

The cost is $39.00 per person.


20141220_140652Once you’re seated, the server will hand you the menu and then ask you which tea you would like.

You choose 1 tea from a selection of 2 teas they offer. 20141220_141319You will get 1 of each item on the menu in a tiered server. They are happy to box up any of the items you don’t eat.

20141220_141834After your meal, head over to their gift shop next door, take a picture by the decorated Christmas tree in the lobby or if the weather is nice, take a stroll outside and see the waterfall.

You can get to the Salish Lodge website here.


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