super easy superhero ice-cream birthday cake

spiderThere is a long-standing tradition behind my birthday cake and why it always has to be a Spiderman theme. I am not a baker. Nope. No way. My oven and I have yet to get along.

This year, I decided to make my own Spiderman strawberry ice-cream cake. Let me tell you, it was much much easier than I thought. There are so many cake decorating tools/ products out there these days that anything is possible. This cake took 2 days to make but was oh-so easy! I now know that in the future, I can make other types of fondant cakes!

I used the following cake supplies below. You can easily find them in the cake decorating aisle of JoAnn’s, Michaels or even Walmart.
– 1 large red fondant sheet
– 1 small black fondant sheet
– 1 small white fondant sheet
– 1 tube of black icing (make sure you buy the tube with a fine tip)
– a cake leveler (some people use non-flavored dental floss)
– 2 trays (I used a cardboard cake tray); I could also have used a cookie sheet.

For the cake:
– 1 box of cake mix (since I was making a strawberry ice-cream cake, the box of cake mix I used was a yellow cake mix)
– 1 half gallon container of strawberry ice cream

Other stuff:
– a pizza cutter and a sharp knife with a point
– a printed picture or shape of your cake, cut to it’s accurate size. I googled an image of Spiderman’s head. Then I printed his head out on a regular sheet of paper in the exact size I wanted my cake to be.

Because Spidey has eyes, I printed 3 pictures. One to trace the shape of his head, 1 picture to trace the black parts of his eyes and another to trace the white parts of his eyes. I used the shapes as templates.

Here’s the picture I used below:

1.) Grease your cake pan heavily. Bake your cake according to the instructions on the box.
2.) Once cooled, flip the pan over onto your tray and pop the cake out. The cake should easily come out of the pan onto your tray.
3.) Take your head template and place it on your overturned cake.
4.) Using a sharp knife with a point, make deep downward cuts into the cake following your template.
5.) Discard the remaining pieces.
6.) Using your cake leveler, split your cake in half.
7.) CAREFULLY and slowly remove the top half of the cake and set aside.
8.) Slightly melt your ice-cream in the microwave to the consistency of  oatmeal. You want the ice-cream to be spreadable but not runny. If your ice-cream is too runny, it will make the cake soggy.
9.) Evenly spread the ice-cream on the cake half that is on the tray. How much ice-cream is up to you.
10.) Bring the two halves of cake together on the tray. It will be one large, ice-cream cake “sandwich.”
11.) Put foil over the cake and place in the freezer to set the ice-cream and bind the cake all together. I placed my cake in the freezer overnight. You don’t have to wait overnight, a couple hours in the freezer should work too.

second day:
1.) Take your printout and cut out the two sets of eyes: the black eyes and the white eyes.
2.) Using a rolling pin, separately roll out the white and black fondant.
3.) Use the pizza cutter to cut out your fondant eyes; use the printouts as a template. Set the eyes aside.
4.) Roll out your red fondant much larger than Spiderman’s head. You want enough red fondant to cover the entire cake.
5.) Remove your cake + tray  from the freezer and remove the foil covering.
6.) Set your cake + tray on a flat surface.
7.) Pick up your unrolled red fondant and cover your cake with it. Work quickly and press/push out any air bubbles. Stretch your fondant over the sides of the cake making sure to cover the entire cake with your fondant.
8.) Trim off the excess fondant with the pizza cutter.
9.) Place the cut-out black fondant eyes on the cake and then the white fondant eyes over the black eyes.
10.) Use a toothpick to pre-draw Spiderman’s black facial lines on your cake. I looked at my initial printout for where to draw the lines.
11.) Squeeze out black icing over your toothpick lines!

Not so bad, right?!


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