my favorite table knives


I am obsessed with these knives! Why? These knives have history, they handle well and are beautiful with their unique shape and style.

The name, “Laguiole” (pronounced: layol) is not a knife company, but rather a location of where the knife was made. Laguiole knives were/are made in a small village called, Laguiole in the Aveyron region of France.

The village first began making pocket knives with a bee emblem used as a blade stop and to protect the edge of the knife when the knife was being closed. Legend says that Napoleon Bonaparte’s seal was a bee; he offered his seal to the village of Laguiole to thank the town’s men for their courage during battle. 20150216_105005-2

Today, table knives, flatware and cheese knives are also made.

The quality and workmanship of these knives are excellent. The handle is curved and feels great in the hand. These knives are stainless steel, are super sharp and are washed by hand. They are a unique gift to give to friends. You can’t go wrong with a Laguiole knife!

20150216_104950-2 copy



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