$30 wine glass racks


I was stuck. I wanted a wine glass rack that matched the wood in our dining room wall. After the sticker shock of what a simple, basic glass rack was going to cost us, I decided we would be better off making it on our own. It was so worth it and so easy to make!

2 cedar fence pickets from Home Depot. I had them cut down; each one was a tad too long. They were $2.00 each.

2.) 2 leather straps from Hobby Lobby. These were the most expensive parts at $8.00 each.

3.) 4 mending plates. I bought 2 of these; each package came with two plates at $3.00 per package.

4.) Corner brackets: 2 packages with 2 brackets each. $2.00 per pack from Home Depot.

5.) Varying lengths of wood screws we had on hand.

6.) Wood stain and seal. Stuff we had in the garage.

power tools needed:
1.) A jig- saw with a blade for cutting wood.

2.) A sander (I used an orbital sander). You can also just sand the wood by hand.

3.) A drill to drill in all those mending plates and screws.

other materials used:
1.) Paper for your template.

2.) Pencil to trace your template.

3.) A ruler AND  a bubble leveler.

4.) Spray paint (I spray painted the mending plates and screws an oil rubbed bronze color).

step #1:
Sand down your boards. Sand all the sides. You don’t want to get any splinters while working on your project.

step #2:
Determine the wine glasses you want to hang.  Find the wine glass with the largest base. Trace the base of this wine glass onto a sheet of paper. Cut the base tracing out; this is your circle template.

step #3:
Depending on how wide your cedar board is, use a pencil to draw the width of your “track” on the board. Do not go all the way to the end of the board. Leave about an inch of space for your mending plates to attach.

step #4:
Measure the middle of your board and trace your circle template onto the board using a pencil.

step #5:
Use a jig saw and cut out the circle and your track. Repeat for the second board.

step #6:
Sand and stain and seal your boards. Dry overnight.

step #7:
Attach your mending plates. Picture1

step #8:
Attach your corner brackets and the leather. Screw the leather into the wood shelf for extra support. IMG_20150530_132247069_HDR

step #9:
Using a bubble leveler, figure out where you want to hang your rack. Screw the shelf onto the wall using the corner brackets.

step #10:
Screw the leather into the wall for shelf support. IMG_20150530_144749676_HDR
step #11:
Hang your wine glasses and admire your  $ 30.00 handy work!



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